Real estate

  • Overview
Real estate transactions and investments have become more complex than ever before.  Our specialized real estate team provides advice and assistance throughout the course of real estate development, investment, operations and real estate management.  Our clients are leading players in the real estate industry: developers, investment funds, mortgage companies, users, financiers, banks and services providers

Our contacts worldwide ensure seamless delivery of cross-border expertise.

We offer the following services to our clients:
  • Selecting and setting up the most appropriate investment structure, tailored to their operations and investments.
  • Advice on and assistance with acquisitions and disposals. We assist our clients during the various phases, in order to help them to choose between acquisition/disposal of the asset or the real estate company. We advise on the optimization of deferred taxation calculations, on the reduction of indirect tax costs (such as VAT and registration duties), and on the identification of tax risks. 
  • Advice on and assistance with group restructuring operations. We consider various objectives our clients may have, such as the improvement of financial flows, the simplification of holding structures and the anticipation of disinvestment related problems.
  • Drafting of tax clauses in agreements on the transfer of real estate or real rights.
  • Negotiation and litigation.

Our Antwerp office

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Our Brussels office

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