Corporate Leaders and HNWI

  • Overview

We advise corporate leaders and high-net-worth individuals in structuring their private, corporate and family wealth. We take into account all their personal and professional interests, always keeping a “helicopter view” to make sure that we provide the right advice at the right time.

Our team focuses on both immediate and long-term interests, offering services from a Belgian, as well as an international perspective. Our tax and legal services are adapted to the needs of each individual client and often exceed traditional tax structuring or wealth planning. 

Our approach is neither dogmatic nor purely theoretical. We consider our clients to be partners in seeking the best solution.

A concise introduction to the services we provide:

  • Optimizing the individual’s professional income including salary splits, bonus schemes, stock option plans and pension planning;
  • Corporate  and tax structuring related to reorganizations, (dis)investments, asset deals and share deals, taking into account both the interests of the individual shareholders, management, family stakeholders, as well as the company itself;
  • Inheritance and succession planning for the entrepreneur and his or her family;
  • Optimization of insurance protection, real estate and other types of investment, from a legal and tax perspective.

We not only advise our clients, but also assist them with the implementation of their planning and structuring. Our intervention may include legal representation, as well as the filing of tax documentation, liaising with the authorities and with notaries and investment advisors, the filing of tax regularizations, and the defense of our clients’ interests in tax disputes and in litigation.


Our Antwerp office

Van Putlei 1
2018 Antwerp (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 (3) 238 92 91
Fax.: +32 (3) 238 46 49
Email: info@abadvisors.eu

Our Brussels office

Tour & Taxis - Havenlaan 86C b113A
1000 Brussel (Belgium)
Tel.: +32 (2) 787 91 11
Fax.: +32 (2) 787 90 99
Email: info@ablaw.eu